Monday, February 18, 2013

Twitter bot in node.js

Dairy Godmother makes really awesome frozen custard. They have a special flavor of the day which they publish on their "Flavor Forecast" calendar.

Since we've had a long weekend, it was perfect for a project to learn some node.js, grunt, unit testing, and oauth for authenticating.

So things I learned:

  1. Writing unit tests for a module is tricky. Writing unit tests for asynchronous code is tricky. My tests are not very good at this point. I need to make 'em better. 
  2. Vis a vis the Twitter 1.1 API and node-oauth, this bug hung me up for a long time before I found this thread.  Actually I need to go back and tweak this more. Hm. 
  3. Grunt is pretty awesome once it gets running, but it's still kind of confusing. I had a grip on it by Saturday; however, today a major new version was released. Doh!
Yeah. It works, more work needs to be done. Since it's kind of a "fan" bot, I'd like it to be able to respond to the main Dairy Godmother Twitter account if it speaks to the bot. 

You can see the bot here: DGFlavor

I'll share my github repo once I do some QA and code review. 


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